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Welcome to 48 Hours Sales Performance Training!


In Spring of 2016, our business was in search for a fresh sales perspective and next level performance. With targets looming, this presented opportunity to become resourceful and develop options B; C and D which now stood for Direct Response Services.

Direct Response Services was highly recommended and we were in immediate contact to share the scope of our need and for immediate sales performance improvement.

Dialogue was quickly underway with Direct Response Services; they also mentioned an additional service called 48 Hours Sales Performance Training. In addition to their highly motivated and Award winning Sales Force, they have successfully managed to package this specialized sales energy into the concept called: 48 Hours Sales Performance Training.

It was humbly intriguing to witness how Direct Response Services was so willing to share or ‘best practice’ their clear and concise sales methods. There was genuineness to sharing their positive professional asset with our business. Most businesses want to contain their excellence—DRS lives by sharing the excellence. This leads to deepening the professional business relationships over time.

Well, the wheels were in motion; we participated in a comprehensive pre-planning session. This imperative session set goals; structured the tone and theme; reviewed current performance trends and facilitated cooperative and agreed expectations between DRS and Gjensidige Bank.

So, if your Sales Team is in need of:


  1. Achieving new goals by doubling sales targets
  2. Exercising clean and compliant rules with Sales practices
  3. Experience efficiency performance gains
  4. Learn to leverage new; clear and concise scripting
  5. Motivator; next level Sales performance; professionalism; real-time training results
  6. Set new ranges of sales goals with your Staff…while they see their own success rates increase
  7. Significant percentage improvements across all metrics achieved and sustained


  1. Be active in effective planning your sessions…working on how best to train and motivate your staff
  2. Create loyalty with your Employees, by investing in 48 Hours Training
  3. Excellent for fresh perspectives for a new year; new campaigns or a new focus and direction
  4. Excellent for sales culture shift
  5. Excellent for Team building
  6. Get results while in Sales Training
  7. See the motivation levels rise with your Staff

Inquire today.  Book your consultation today. Reserve the space for your Sales force today. Set higher sales targets after 48 Hours Sales Performance Training. Hanne Krokan has established a dynamic Sales Consultancy team, who are top-notch and accessible through Direct Response Service.

Phillip McKinley Louis
Marked – Gjensidige Bank

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